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Flocknote is a SaaS tool that helps churches and ministries manage their member database, communicate with their members via email and text message, and collect payments. It allows for targeted messaging to specific groups and ministries within the church, and members can easily reply, vote, and RSVP to events. Flocknote has been used by over 130,000 church leaders and is designed to simplify church communication and management.
HQ Location
Spring, TX
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Ease of use

    Intuitive interface and simple navigation

  • Customization

    Ability to tailor messages and branding to specific audiences

  • Engagement

    High open and response rates due to personalized and targeted messaging

  • Limited features

    Lacks some advanced features found in other communication platforms

  • Pricing

    Pricing can be expensive for larger organizations or frequent use

  • Integration

    Limited integration options with other software and tools

  • Opportunity to expand into new markets and industries
  • Potential for partnerships with other software providers to enhance functionality
  • Opportunity to develop a mobile app for increased accessibility and convenience
  • Increased competition from other communication platforms with similar features
  • Potential security breaches or data leaks could damage reputation and trust
  • Increased regulation and compliance requirements could increase costs and limit functionality

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Flocknote Plan

Flocknote offers a free version with limited features and paid plans starting at $10/month for additional features and increased capacity.
Member Management Features $ 39 price/month
Flocknote People is an add on package to help you track giving, store more info on your members, run custom reports & more! Track donations & giving Custom profile fields Store records and documents Group Households
Under 40 members $ 0 price/month
Use Flocknote for free forever for under 40 members Unlimited Texts Unlimited Emails Unlimited Admins Up to 40 members
Over 40 Members $ 7 month
Grow as you go! Plans strat at as little as $7/month and increase based on current member count Unlimited Texts Unlimited Emails Unlimited Members Unlimited Admins
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