Forcepoint Web Security

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Forcepoint Web Security is a network protection solution that provides businesses with protection against web threats including viruses, malware, data loss and phishing attacks. It includes features such as reputation analysis, predictive analytics, behavioral sandboxing, content classification, reporting, and more. The CASB functionality enables administrators to gain visibility and control of cloud applications across the organization. It also comes with an integrated data theft defense module.
  • Advanced threat protection

    Detects and blocks advanced threats in real-time

  • Cloud-based deployment

    Easy to deploy and manage from anywhere with internet access

  • Customizable policies

    Allows for granular control over web access policies

  • Limited reporting capabilities

    Reporting features are not as robust as some competitors

  • Complex setup process

    Initial setup can be time-consuming and require technical expertise

  • Limited integrations

    Integrations with other security tools may be limited

  • Increasing trend towards cloud-based security solutions
  • Potential to expand into new geographic or industry markets
  • Potential to form partnerships with other security vendors
  • Highly competitive market with many established players
  • Constantly changing threat landscape requires ongoing updates and improvements
  • Increasing regulatory requirements may impact product development and sales

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Forcepoint Web Security Plan

Forcepoint Web Security offers multiple pricing plans based on the number of users and features, starting at $2.10 per user per month.
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