Forget Computers

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Forget Computers provides Apple support services for Mac-based creative professionals and serves as a technical resource for IT professionals managing and supporting Macintosh devices nationwide.
Forget Computers
  • Automated IT management

    Saves time and effort for IT teams

  • Cloud-based

    Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Customizable

    Tailored to fit specific business needs

  • Limited features

    May not have all the functionality needed for some businesses

  • Dependent on internet connection

    May not be accessible during internet outages

  • May require additional training

    New software may require additional time and resources to learn

  • Increasing need for businesses to manage their IT infrastructure
  • Opportunity to expand into new industries or geographic regions
  • Opportunity to integrate with other software to provide a more comprehensive solution
  • May face competition from larger, more established IT management software providers
  • Data breaches or other security issues could damage reputation
  • Economic downturns could lead to decreased demand for IT management solutions

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Review Distribution

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    Customers who gave high ratings to Forget Computers appreciated their vast knowledge of Mac workflows, friendly demeanor, and willingness to troubleshoot methodically.

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    Average - rated users

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Forget Computers Plan

Forget Computers offers a subscription-based pricing model for its software, with different versions and features available at varying prices.
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