Free Open FTP Face

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Free Open FTP Face is a multiplatform, lightweight graphical FTP client written in python that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use while providing a rich set of convenience features.
  • Free

    No cost to use

  • Open source

    Users can modify and customize the software

  • FTP

    Allows for easy file transfer

  • Limited features

    May not have all the functionality needed

  • Security concerns

    Open source software may have vulnerabilities

  • No support

    Users may not have access to technical assistance

  • More users may lead to more development and support
  • Can be used in conjunction with other programs
  • Can be used by businesses and individuals in various industries
  • Other FTP software may offer more features or better support
  • New regulations may impact the use of FTP software
  • New technology may make FTP software obsolete

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Free Open FTP Face Plan

Free Open FTP Face offers a free plan with basic features and limited storage, and paid plans with more storage and advanced features.
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