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FreeConference is a cloud-based and on-premise meeting management software that offers real-time screen sharing and whiteboarding capabilities for businesses to schedule, launch and manage online calls and video conferencing sessions. It also allows participants to share images, documents, spreadsheets and more using the drag-and-drop interface. Features include group calls, chat, custom hold music, call recording, YouTube live streaming, SMS notifications and more. Administrators can import contacts from email or other resources and send meeting invitation with details such as date, time, access codes and meeting room URL.
  • Free

    No cost to use

  • Easy to use

    Simple interface for scheduling and joining calls

  • Screen sharing

    Ability to share screens during calls

  • Limited features

    Fewer features compared to paid conferencing tools

  • Ads

    Advertisements displayed during calls

  • No customer support

    No dedicated customer support for free users

  • Opportunity to upgrade to paid plans for more features
  • More people using conferencing tools due to remote work
  • Opportunity to integrate with other tools for better productivity
  • Competition from other free and paid conferencing tools
  • Increased scrutiny on security and privacy of conferencing tools
  • Decreased usage due to economic downturn affecting businesses

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FreeConference Plan

FreeConference offers a free plan with limited features and paid plans with additional features starting at $9.99 per month.
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