FreeRange Spaces

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The company provides shared and private workspaces for various types of individuals who need a workspace outside of a traditional office setting.
FreeRange Spaces
HQ Location
Albuquerque, NM
  • Flexible pricing

    Offers a range of pricing plans to suit different budgets and needs

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive interface and simple navigation make it easy for users to get started

  • Collaboration features

    Enables teams to work together on projects and share files in real-time

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with as many third-party apps as some competitors

  • Basic features

    Lacks some of the advanced features offered by more established project management tools

  • Limited customization

    Users may find the platform too rigid and inflexible for their specific needs

  • Increasing demand for cloud-based project management tools presents an opportunity for growth
  • Potential to add more advanced features and integrations to attract a wider user base
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with other SaaS providers to expand functionality and reach
  • Facing competition from established project management tools with larger user bases and more resources
  • A potential economic downturn could lead to decreased demand for SaaS products
  • Data breaches or other security issues could damage the company's reputation and lead to loss of customers

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FreeRange Spaces Plan

FreeRange Spaces offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, starting at $10/month, each with increasing features and benefits.
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