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Freightwalla is a digital freight forwarder based in Mumbai that offers an online platform for businesses to streamline their global logistics operations. The platform includes features such as shipment planning and costing, digital workflow, online document management, real-time tracking, RFQ management, sailing schedules, smart reporting and analytics. The company also offers custom value-added services such as transportation, customs clearance, and trade finance. Freightwalla is partnered with 60+ shipping lines, serves 1000+ customers, and operates in 1000+ ports with the goal of increasing transparency, efficiency, and visibility while optimizing end-to-end costing/operations in the shipping and logistics industry.
  • Efficient logistics management

    Automated processes and real-time tracking

  • Customizable solutions

    Tailored to specific business needs

  • Cost-effective

    Competitive pricing and optimization of resources

  • Limited geographical coverage

    Currently only available in India

  • Dependence on third-party logistics providers

    May affect quality of service

  • Limited integration options

    May not be compatible with all existing systems

  • Potential for growth and increased revenue
  • Increased flexibility and options for customers
  • Potential to attract new customers and retain existing ones
  • May struggle to gain market share
  • Decreased demand for logistics services
  • May affect operations and increase costs

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Freightwalla Plan

Freightwalla offers a transparent pricing model with three versions, starting at $10 per shipment, based on shipment volume and additional features.
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