FX Housekeeping

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Cloud-based solution for housekeeping operations with task notifications, reporting capabilities, and a mobile app for agents to improve communication and efficiency. Aimed at increasing guest satisfaction through prompt responses to requests.
IDS Next Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.
HQ Location
Bangalore, India
  • Automation

    Automates housekeeping tasks

  • Efficiency

    Increases efficiency of housekeeping operations

  • Customization

    Allows customization of housekeeping tasks

  • Compatibility

    May not be compatible with all hotel management systems

  • Cost

    May be expensive for small hotels

  • Training

    May require training for staff to use effectively

  • Growing demand for automation in the hospitality industry
  • Opportunity to integrate with other hotel management systems
  • Opportunity to expand to other industries that require housekeeping services
  • Competition from other housekeeping software providers
  • Rapidly evolving technology may make the software obsolete
  • Economic downturns may reduce demand for the software

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FX Housekeeping Plan

FX Housekeeping offers three pricing plans for its housekeeping services: Basic for $25/hour, Premium for $35/hour, and Deluxe for $45/hour.
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