Gadget Hospital

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SaaS for a device repair store that fixes various devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. They claim to be a one-stop on the spot repair store.
Gadget Hospital Surfers Paradise
  • Efficient

    Fast and reliable service

  • Affordable

    Competitive pricing compared to competitors

  • Expertise

    Highly skilled and experienced technicians

  • Limited Services

    Only offers repairs for certain types of gadgets

  • Location

    Limited number of physical locations

  • Online Presence

    Lacks a strong online presence and marketing strategy

  • Opportunity to expand services to more types of gadgets
  • Opportunity to improve online presence and marketing strategy
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with gadget manufacturers
  • Intense competition from other gadget repair services
  • Potential decrease in demand for gadget repairs during economic downturns
  • Potential obsolescence of certain types of gadgets and repairs

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Gadget Hospital Plan

Gadget Hospital offers a tiered pricing strategy based on device version, ranging from $50 to $150 for repairs.
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