Game Localization Network

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Game Localization Network specializes in video game localization.
Game Localization Network
HQ Location
Dublin, Ireland
  • Efficient

    Automated translation and localization process

  • Global Reach

    Access to a network of professional translators worldwide

  • Customizable

    Tailored solutions to meet specific game localization needs

  • Costly

    Expensive pricing plans for small game developers

  • Limited Languages

    Supports only a limited number of languages

  • Technical Issues

    May encounter technical issues during the localization process

  • Increasing demand for game localization services worldwide
  • Opportunities to partner with game developers and publishers
  • Potential to expand into other areas of localization services
  • Competing with other established game localization companies
  • Decreased demand for game localization services during economic downturns
  • Changes in regulations and laws affecting the game industry and localization services

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Game Localization Network Plan

Game Localization Network offers a tiered pricing strategy based on the number of languages and platforms, starting at $0.10 per word.
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