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The SaaS product creates garden designs quickly.
Garden Puzzle
  • Intuitive interface

    Easy to use for beginners

  • Variety of plants

    Large selection of plants to choose from

  • Customizable garden design

    Users can create unique garden layouts

  • Limited features

    Not as comprehensive as other garden design software

  • No mobile app

    Only accessible on desktop

  • No collaboration features

    Users cannot share or work on designs together

  • Add more unique and exotic plants to attract more users
  • Make the software accessible on mobile devices
  • Allow users to share and work on designs together
  • Other garden design software with more features and larger user bases
  • Less disposable income for hobbies like gardening
  • Climate change affecting plant growth and gardening habits

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GardenPuzzle Plan

GardenPuzzle offers a free version with limited features and a paid version for $29.95/year with additional features.
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