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Genymotion is a fully-featured Android emulator platform used by over 8 million professionals in the mobile app ecosystem. It supports three use-case families, including Dev/Test/QA, VMI, and Gaming, and offers four different flavors, including Genymotion Desktop, Genymotion SaaS, Genymotion Device Image, and Genymotion On-premise. Each flavor offers unique features and benefits, such as pre-configured templates, collaborative features, and complete control of the device.
HQ Location
Paris, France
Year Founded
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  • Fast

    Genymotion is faster than other Android emulators

  • Easy to use

    Genymotion has a user-friendly interface

  • Customizable

    Genymotion allows users to customize the emulator to their needs

  • Paid

    Genymotion is not free, users have to pay for it

  • Limited device support

    Genymotion does not support all Android devices

  • Requires virtualization technology

    Genymotion requires virtualization technology to be enabled on the user's computer

  • The market for Android emulators is growing
  • Genymotion can form partnerships with device manufacturers to expand device support
  • Genymotion can add new features to stay ahead of competitors
  • There are other Android emulators that can compete with Genymotion
  • There are free Android emulators available that can be used instead of Genymotion
  • There may be security concerns with using an Android emulator

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Genymotion Plan

Genymotion offers a free version with limited features and paid plans starting at $136/year for additional features and support.
Genymotion SaaS $ Pay As You Go
All inclusive Access to all Android versions Unlimited app installations Camera, Battery, GPS, Browser Plugins / Testing tools Collaborative features GMSaaS Integration with Bitrise, CircleCI, QMetry...
Genymotion Desktop $ 412 Per Year
All the features from the free Java API Gradle Plugin Cloning and Reset functions Identifier Modifications enabled SMS and Call Emulation Network Emulation Sensor emulation (multitouch, accelerometer, gyroscope) Unlimited screencasts Pixel perfect widget Premium support
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