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GI Big Data Analytics is a complete Big Data platform for companies that want to really benefit from the best technologies on the market as well as the consulting & services in one package. GI Big Data offer Analytics comprises all what you need: - Cloud Data Warehouse based on the best technologies Google Big Query, AWS Redshift, Pivotal Greenplum, Snowflake - Sandbox management included; - Reporting tool such as Tableau Software; - Analytics tool; - Connectors to databases and trackers - Data integration layer; - Audit, Backup & Monitoring layers; - API to reuse data; - Data scientists teams as well as data management teams; - Algorithms; - Key Metrics on TV screens; - Open access of the platform to your business & technical teams. The last but not the least is our business model. We invest to make you grow with data. And when you grow, you win and we win. We can deduct all your investment from the growth engines we build and operate together with you. Have a look at our short videos: FR: EN:
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GI Big Data Plan

POC $ 50000 USD / EUR
During the POC, the customer pays 50k and we invest 50k too. When you like the offer, you subscribe to GI Big Data platform but we'll deduct all costs of the growth engines we will build and run together with you. So it costs nothing at the end, it's a cost of revenues.
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