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GitBreeze is the free for personal use effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux. It boosts your software development productivity by making Git simple, with a unique UI/UX that prevents errors and creates clarity. This saves you time, and therefore money. GitBreeze is a Git client that manages your source control, so you can push to production faster. The clear layout of GitBreeze underlines its effectiveness. The Branches area gives previews as it merges, pushes and creates branches. Pending commits or stashes files without you ever wasting time worrying about the 'staging' to the index. GitBreeze just handles it for you. History has a powerful search which finds files and their contents in seconds. Stashes compares stashed files with your working files so you don't lose any working files. Part of the unique offering includes a branch comparison tool, which gives visual insights into which commits are similar between the branches. So you can immediately see when commits have been cherry picked or merged, and understand which commits from one branch are missing from another. GitBreeze also has a unique rewind function, a simpler and more powerful way of reverting or resetting. It helps to prevent errors using previews and the offers the ability to keep your working files. Simplicity is key, and your time is saved.
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GitBreeze Plan

Free (Limited) $ Free 1 Users
GitBreeze has a totally free option, but has limited functionality and lacks premium support. Totally free, for everyone, for any reason.
Premium $ 37 1 Users Per Year
GitBreeze will save you more money than its price from the first month. Premium support and all functionality. Just $37 per user per year. Each user licence means GitBreeze can be installed on up to 3 machines for that user.
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