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Easy to set up automatic backup, point-in-time restore, and Disaster Recovery for your compliance needs. GitProtect is a fully manageable backup and recovery software dedicated to the DevOps ecosystem – GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Jira platforms. It protects not only source code, but also all the related metadata needed to keep a repository consistent, such as comments, issues, CI/CD tasks, and more. key features: + Automatic, recurring metadata, and repository backup. + Any storage compatibility. + Cross-over recovery and DR. + Time-saving central management. + Multi-level management: accounts, admins, and privileges. backup is the basis for you to meet your industry and legal requirements as well as the security and shared responsibility model duties. Furthermore, AES agent-side encryption with your own encryption key makes backups impossible to decrypt by no one, except you. And due to zero-knowledge encryption, your service does not have any information about the encryption key - it receives it only when performing a backup.
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