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The ultimate Augmented & Connected worker platform. Improve the efficiency and safety of your frontline workers through digital processes, made available in real-time. Reduce unplanned downtime, costs, time, and paper. Improve workers' skills without additional training. A new reality: Faster frontline workers for a more productive Industry. GlarVision, our Augmented & Connected platform allows process digitalization to enable real-time support for frontline workers, accessing workflows, work instructions, manuals, and 2D or Augmented Reality (AR) guidance on the spot. The platform allows real-time monitoring of processes, and is supported by a mobile app to help workers during their daily operations. The main features are: - New mobility patterns for an augmented frontline team - Increased processes efficiency with Augmented Reality (AR) guidance - Automated analytics and reports for an improved decision-making - Team, assets, and knowledge management in one and only platform - The Internet of Things (IoT) for operations' optimization
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Pontinha, Lisbon
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