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Glasp allows you to highlight and collect web articles, organize them, and find/follow like-minded people to learn together. You can leave what it truly matters. Highlight the web and share the gist with peers. Learn from like-minded people. FREE to use. Glasp Chrome Extension is an easier and faster way to highlight text and leave notes on the web. With one click, the content you’ve collected appears across all your devices. πŸ“š Glasp beautifully organizes your collection of highlights, so that you can easily come back to what truly matters to you anytime. By following like-minded people, you will discover useful content that expand your knowledge and thoughts. Collective learnings is how humans got smarter across generations. β€”β€” Key Features: βœ… Highlight text on the web βœ… Take notes on saved content and highlights βœ… Add tags to your highlights βœ… Discover useful content from like-minded people β€”β€” How to Use Glasp: 1. Click "Add to Chrome". 2. Log in to Glasp from the extension menu. 3. Select text and click your favorite color from a pop-up color tip. 4. You can see your highlights and notes on your profile page and/or Glasp home feed. 5. Add tags or leave comments on your saved content 6. Developing your collection of ideas and thoughts will help you connect the dots and with like-minded people ;) β€”β€” Benefits of Using Glasp: + Retain more information and easy to look back πŸ“š + Extract only important parts and use it for the future citation πŸ”— + Discover useful information from like-minded people πŸ” + Share your highlights & notes with friends and peers with one click πŸš€ + Leave your digital legacy for future generations (contribute to human history) πŸ™Œ
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