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1. Complete UI/UX Composition and UI/UX/ “User-Friendly Interface” - Simple, Easy to use, and Human-centered UI/UX, Stylish New Design - For ease of use, it is possible to change the location of the preview and menu area / Set the hotkeys / Effect search /add effect overlays to Favorites. - New home screen: You can easily check the updated features - Added in-product Tutorial Guide: for User Convenience 2. Customizable/ Adjustable Editing Features - User can adjust and apply the template in detail (finely adjust the time to apply the effect, etc.) - Additional Timeline functions: In addition to the basic menu function cut/paste, editing features such as inserting into the middle or back of the video are added. - Unlimited multi-track: Various clip layouts / Multi-track for simultaneous editing of multiple sources / Unlimited number of tracks can be added - Video/Audio Separation: Video track can contain text, image, and video sources on the same track 3. NEW Features - Chroma Key: By inserting an image in the background, it is possible to create a more complete video - PIP (Picture in Picture): Displays the screen inside the screen and is usually supported by display devices. Since it is a frequently used feature, it is added to the GOM Mix Max. PIP displays a small screen inside the screen. You can position the screen in any corner position you want, also it is possible to adjust its size. 4. Encoding - Reduced Encoding Time: SW is 3 times lighter than the existing GOM Mix Pro, and encoding is 3 times faster now (697MB → 127MB) - Video editing program works faster in an environment upgraded to inter-core i5 or higher - Encoding size divided by sizes optimized for YouTube 5. “Colorful video editing” with rich basic sources - More than 130 effects including filters, templates, sound sources, etc., and more than 130 kinds of overlay & transition effects that are installed as standard in the program
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