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Running good sales demos is hard. You have to prepare sales assets from scattered locations, personalize the content, present with purpose and flexibility, and follow-up promptly all while collecting information to push the deal forward. And don’t forget this all needs to sync with the CRM. These challenges are even harder for new reps to grasp, and as a team grows these problems are even more costly. Bottom line: steps get missed, quality declines and deals get lost. Gondola brings these scattered processes into one streamlined tool. We take all of the work out of running demos so that reps can focus on what they do best- selling. With Gondola, users can build out a customized demo in seconds with an easy drag and drop interface. Reps can pull from a library of demo-ready team assets and easily integrate live URLs as a slide. During the presentation, reps can effectively drive sales process using integrated notes and can even pivot the demo on-the-fly to cater to conversation tangents. After the demo, follow-up emails can be generated quickly with a customized demo summary. And of course everything is synced back to the CRM. The result is a scalable sales process that reps and leaders love.
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