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Govplace provides IT solutions for the public sector.
HQ Location
Reston, VA
  • Government contracts

    Specializes in providing IT solutions to government agencies

  • Security

    Offers secure and compliant IT solutions

  • Expertise

    Has a team of experienced professionals with knowledge of government regulations

  • Limited market

    Only caters to government agencies

  • Competition

    Faces competition from other IT solution providers in the government sector

  • Complexity

    Government regulations can make the procurement process complex

  • Can expand its services to other countries or industries
  • Can leverage emerging technologies to provide innovative solutions
  • Can form partnerships with other IT solution providers to expand its offerings
  • Government agencies may have reduced budgets for IT solutions
  • Changes in government regulations can impact the procurement process
  • Increasing cybersecurity threats can impact the demand for IT solutions

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Govplace Plan

Govplace offers a tiered pricing strategy for their cloud management platform, with features and pricing increasing with each version.
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