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GPMD is a full-service ecommerce agency based in London that helps online retailers with customer acquisition, retention strategy, and Magento development. They have been in business since 1999.
  • Customizable

    GPMD can be tailored to fit the specific needs of each business.

  • Scalable

    GPMD can handle large amounts of data and users without sacrificing performance.

  • User-friendly

    GPMD has an intuitive interface that is easy for users to navigate.

  • Limited integrations

    GPMD has limited integrations with other software and platforms.

  • Expensive

    GPMD is a high-end product and may not be affordable for all businesses.

  • Requires training

    GPMD may require training for users to fully utilize all of its features.

  • The market for data management software is growing, providing opportunities for GPMD to expand its customer base.
  • GPMD could develop new integrations with other software and platforms to increase its functionality.
  • GPMD could expand its reach into new international markets.
  • GPMD faces competition from other data management software providers.
  • An economic downturn could lead to decreased demand for GPMD and other high-end software products.
  • Changes in data privacy regulations could impact the use and functionality of GPMD.

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GPMD's pricing strategy offers three versions of their software, with prices ranging from $99 to $299 per month, based on the number of users and features included.
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