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Graham-Pelton is a fundraising and management consulting firm for nonprofit organizations worldwide. They provide customized solutions for their clients.
  • Expertise

    Specializes in fundraising and nonprofit consulting

  • Global Presence

    Has offices in multiple countries

  • Customized Solutions

    Tailors services to meet individual client needs

  • Limited Services

    Only offers fundraising and nonprofit consulting

  • High Cost

    Services may be expensive for smaller organizations

  • Limited Online Presence

    Website lacks detailed information about services

  • Increasing demand for nonprofit consulting services
  • Potential to expand services into new geographic regions
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other organizations to offer more comprehensive services
  • Facing competition from other nonprofit consulting firms
  • Nonprofits may have less funding during economic downturns
  • Changes in regulations may impact the nonprofit sector and consulting services

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Graham-Pelton Plan

Graham-Pelton's pricing strategy offers three versions of their services at different price points, with increasing features and benefits.
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