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Graphium Health is a SaaS solution for anesthesia practice management that helps medical facilities, billing companies, and anesthesia providers streamline various processes such as billing, patient management, charting compliance, data validation, case reconciliation, and more. It offers features like patient records, EMR integration, MACRA submission, and advanced customization. Small anesthesia practices can manage automated data capture, patient communications, record keeping, billing, data analytics, and claim submission, while large practices can benefit from provider comparisons, QCDR integrations, operational tracking, and charge capture. The platform also generates automated scorecards in various categories.
  • Efficient Workflow

    Streamlines patient care and reduces administrative burden

  • Customizable Templates

    Allows for tailored documentation and reporting

  • Real-time Analytics

    Provides insights into patient care and operational performance

  • Limited Integration

    May not fully integrate with existing EHR systems

  • High Cost

    May be expensive for smaller healthcare organizations

  • Steep Learning Curve

    May require significant training for staff to effectively use

  • Increasing demand for healthcare technology solutions
  • Potential to expand into international markets
  • Opportunity to integrate with popular EHR systems
  • May face competition from larger, more established healthcare technology companies
  • Changes in healthcare regulations may impact demand for Graphium Health
  • Potential for data breaches and other cybersecurity threats

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Graphium Health Plan

Graphium Health Plan offers tiered pricing based on plan version and member age, with higher prices for more comprehensive coverage.
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