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GRAX is a Salesforce data backup, recovery, and archiving tool that also offers scalable data operations (DataOps). It allows users to backup and recover multiple Salesforce Orgs, reduce storage costs, improve Org performance, use backup/archived data in production analytics, add external data into Salesforce, bring Salesforce data & metadata into data warehouses, unify data and reporting across multiple orgs, improve global compliance and governance, make better predictions through change data analysis, monitor changes in customer health, and find new pipeline opportunities across disparate orgs. GRAX helps users maximize the strategic value of their Salesforce backup and archive data.
HQ Location
Burlington, MA
  • Data protection

    GRAX provides automated and secure backup and recovery of data in Salesforce.

  • Data versioning

    GRAX allows for easy tracking and management of data changes and versions in Salesforce.

  • Data accessibility

    GRAX enables easy access to historical data in Salesforce, even if it has been deleted or overwritten.

  • Limited integration

    GRAX currently only integrates with Salesforce, limiting its usefulness for businesses using other platforms.

  • Complexity

    GRAX can be complex to set up and use, requiring technical expertise and training.

  • Cost

    GRAX can be expensive, especially for businesses with large amounts of data in Salesforce.

  • GRAX could expand its integration capabilities to include other popular business platforms, increasing its potential customer base.
  • GRAX could work to simplify its setup and user interface, making it more accessible to businesses without technical expertise.
  • GRAX could adjust its pricing model to be more competitive and attract more customers.
  • GRAX faces competition from other data backup and recovery solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Changes to data privacy regulations could impact GRAX's ability to operate and store data in Salesforce.
  • Advancements in technology could make GRAX's current solution obsolete or less attractive to customers.

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GRAX offers a tiered pricing model based on the number of Salesforce objects and features, starting at $1,000 per month.
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Backup & Restore Data Archive Standard (24×5) Support
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GRAX Time Machine Data Reporting & Dashboards Standard (24×5) Support
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