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GroundHog is a Mine Digitization Platform used by underground and open pit mines, and Quarries and aggregates to increase mining efficiency and safety. It includes a Short Interval Control system, Fleet Management System, Real-Time-Location-Tracking System, Peer-to-Peer Networking System, Telematics, IoT, Material Management, Digital Environmental, Health and Safety and Learning Management Systems. It also has Open APIs for easy integration with 3rd party mining software providers.
Curtis Johnson
Suitable for enterprise
HQ Location
Milpitas, CA
  • Ease of use

    Intuitive interface and simple navigation

  • Customization

    Flexible configuration options to fit specific needs

  • Real-time data

    Provides up-to-date information for better decision-making

  • Limited integrations

    May not integrate with all necessary software or systems

  • Lack of mobile app

    No mobile app available for on-the-go access

  • Limited reporting

    Reporting capabilities may not be as robust as other options

  • Potential to expand into new industries or regions
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with other software providers
  • Potential to add new features to stay competitive
  • Competitors with similar offerings may take market share
  • Decreased demand due to economic factors
  • Data breaches or security issues could damage reputation

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groundHog Plan

groundHog's pricing strategy offers three versions with increasing features and pricing, starting at $9/month for basic features.
GroundHog EHS $ 89 Per miner/month
site-wide licenses are also available
GroundHog LMS $ 7 Per miner/month
site-wide licenses are also available
GroundHog FMS $ 499 per equipment/month
site-wide licenses are also available
GroundHog SIC $ 99 per miner/month
Per equipment and site-wide licenses are also available
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