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SHS VIVEON AG is a global business and IT solution provider that specializes in customer management.
  • Comprehensive risk management

    Offers a wide range of risk management tools and features

  • Customizable dashboards

    Allows users to create personalized dashboards for easy monitoring

  • Real-time data analysis

    Provides real-time analysis of data for quick decision-making

  • Limited integrations

    May not integrate with all existing software and systems

  • Steep learning curve

    May require significant training and onboarding for new users

  • High cost

    May be expensive for small businesses or startups

  • Increasing need for risk management in various industries
  • Potential to expand into new industries or geographic regions
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other software providers to offer more comprehensive solutions
  • May face competition from larger, more established risk management software providers
  • Decreased demand for risk management solutions during economic downturns
  • Increased scrutiny and regulations around data security and privacy

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GUARDEAN RiskSuite Plan

GUARDEAN RiskSuite offers a tiered pricing model based on the number of users, with additional features available in higher versions.
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