Halo Cloud (Beijing) Network Service Co., Ltd.

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Halo Cloud is a Chinese internet company.
Light2cloud Co.Ltd.
HQ Location
Beijing, China
  • Scalability

    Ability to handle large amounts of data and traffic

  • Reliability

    High uptime and minimal downtime

  • Flexibility

    Customizable to meet specific business needs

  • Limited Features

    May not have all the features required by some businesses

  • Language Barrier

    May not be suitable for businesses that do not speak Chinese

  • Limited Support

    May not have 24/7 support or support in all time zones

  • Opportunity to expand to other markets and languages
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with other SaaS providers
  • Opportunity to add new features and improve existing ones
  • Competition from other SaaS providers in the market
  • Changes in regulations or laws that may affect the business
  • Security breaches or data leaks that may damage the business's reputation

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Halo Cloud (Beijing) Network Service Co., Ltd. Plan

Halo Cloud (Beijing) Network Service Co., Ltd. offers a tiered pricing strategy based on the number of users and features, starting at ¥99/month.
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