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HCL OneTest offers software testing tools for a DevOps approach, including OneTest UI, OneTest Performance, OneTest API, OneTest Data, and OneTest Virtualization. The latest version, HCL OneTest 10.2, adds testing capability for GraphQL endpoints, easier application configuration control, AI/ML test-driven solutions, application modeling, and SAP ecosystem support refresh. Users can orchestrate execution on physical environments and OpenSource users can leverage additional reporting tools.
HCL Technologies
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Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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  • Comprehensive testing capabilities

    Supports a wide range of testing types including functional, performance, and security testing.

  • Integration with other tools

    Can be integrated with other tools in the software development lifecycle, such as Jenkins and JIRA.

  • Ease of use

    User-friendly interface and easy to set up and configure.

  • Expensive

    Pricing may be a barrier for small businesses or individual users.

  • Limited support for certain languages

    May not support all programming languages, which could be a limitation for some users.

  • Steep learning curve

    May require some training or experience to fully utilize all features and capabilities.

  • As software becomes more complex, the demand for comprehensive testing solutions is increasing.
  • Opportunity to expand into new geographic markets or industries.
  • Opportunity to integrate with emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning.
  • There are many other testing tools available in the market, which could pose a threat to HCL OneTest's market share.
  • Economic downturns could lead to decreased demand for software testing solutions.
  • As a testing tool, HCL OneTest may be vulnerable to security threats or breaches.

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HCL OneTest Plan

HCL OneTest offers a flexible pricing model with different versions and add-ons, starting at $1,500 per user per year.
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