Health Specialists, Inc.

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Health Specialists is a company founded in 1987 that focuses on caring for nurses, medical professionals, partner companies, and client hospitals.
Health Specialists, Inc.
HQ Location
Lenexa, KS
  • Specialized healthcare services

    Offers a wide range of specialized healthcare services to meet the needs of patients

  • Experienced staff

    Has a team of experienced healthcare professionals who provide high-quality care

  • Advanced technology

    Uses advanced technology to improve patient outcomes and provide efficient care

  • Limited geographic reach

    Only operates in a limited geographic area, which may limit its growth potential

  • Dependent on insurance reimbursements

    Dependent on insurance reimbursements, which can be unpredictable and may impact revenue

  • High competition

    Faces high competition from other healthcare providers in the same market

  • Opportunity to expand into new geographic markets to increase revenue and reach more patients
  • Opportunity to diversify services offered to attract more patients and increase revenue streams
  • Opportunity to offer telehealth services to reach more patients and provide convenient care
  • Changes in healthcare regulations could impact the company's operations and revenue
  • Economic downturns could impact patient demand for healthcare services and revenue
  • Emerging competitors could disrupt the company's market position and revenue

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Health Specialists, Inc. Plan

Health Specialists, Inc. will offer a tiered pricing strategy with three versions of their product, ranging from $50-$150 per month.
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