HealthStream Learning Center

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HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) is a web-based learning management solution designed for healthcare organizations to create, manage, and conduct regulatory compliance training for staff members. It offers customizable templates, various file formats, scheduling and assigning training, tracking performance, virtual classroom feature, and classroom management tools.
  • Comprehensive content library

    Wide range of healthcare-related courses available

  • Customizable learning paths

    Ability to tailor training to specific job roles and skill levels

  • Mobile-friendly platform

    Allows for on-the-go learning and accessibility

  • Limited non-healthcare content

    May not be suitable for organizations with diverse training needs

  • Complex pricing structure

    May be difficult to understand and budget for

  • Limited reporting capabilities

    May not provide enough data for detailed analysis and tracking

  • Potential to reach a wider audience and increase revenue
  • Opportunity to provide a more comprehensive HR solution
  • Potential to diversify customer base and increase revenue
  • May struggle to differentiate from similar products
  • May impact demand for healthcare-related training
  • May lead to decreased spending on employee training and development

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HealthStream Learning Center Plan

HealthStream Learning Center offers tiered pricing based on the number of users and features, starting at $2,500/year for basic version.
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