HealthViewX Annual Wellness Visit

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HealthViewX is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant AWV solution that streamlines and automates AWVs with accurate eligibility checks and patient-centric questionnaires. The platform enables providers to determine eligibility, schedule appointments, and automate the AWV process by allowing the patient or pharmacist to complete the HRA online. The platform identifies all preventive screenings and health risks the patient medically qualifies and/or is covered by Medicare and offers additional screenings to maximize each visit. The Personalized Preventive Plan (PPP), physician reports, and billing summary meeting all Medicare audit requirements are generated automatically. The providers referral network can be imported, streamlining the patient referral process for qualified screenings, Medicare Advantage Plans (MAP), vaccinations, counseling, and Chronic Care Management.
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  • Comprehensive

    Covers all aspects of an annual wellness visit

  • Customizable

    Can be tailored to fit the needs of different healthcare providers

  • Efficient

    Streamlines the process of conducting annual wellness visits

  • Limited scope

    Only focuses on annual wellness visits and not other healthcare services

  • Dependent on technology

    Relies on technology to conduct and manage annual wellness visits

  • Requires training

    Healthcare providers need to be trained on how to use the software

  • Increasing demand for annual wellness visits due to aging population
  • Can be expanded to cover other healthcare services beyond annual wellness visits
  • Can be integrated with other healthcare systems to provide a more comprehensive solution
  • Other software providers offering similar solutions
  • Changes in healthcare regulations could impact the demand for annual wellness visits
  • Potential for data breaches and loss of sensitive patient information

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HealthViewX Annual Wellness Visit Plan

HealthViewX Annual Wellness Visit offers a tiered pricing strategy based on the number of patients, starting at $199/month for up to 500 patients.
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