Heimdal Patch & Asset Management

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Heimdal Patch & Asset Management is a SaaS solution that offers automated patch management and asset tracking features. It allows for pre-emptive vulnerability management and provides a dashboard to view and manage software inventory. The solution offers automatic patch deployment for Windows and 3rd party software, customizable scheduling, and accurate inventory reports in compliance with international standards.
  • Automated patch management

    Saves time and reduces the risk of vulnerabilities

  • Asset inventory management

    Provides visibility into all devices on the network

  • Customizable policies

    Allows for tailored patching and asset management

  • Limited integrations

    May not work with all existing software and systems

  • No mobile device support

    Cannot manage patches and assets on mobile devices

  • No free trial

    Potential customers cannot test the product before purchasing

  • Increased demand for patch and asset management solutions
  • Potential to offer the product in new regions or industries
  • Opportunity to expand compatibility with other systems
  • Other companies may offer similar or better solutions
  • New vulnerabilities and attack methods may require constant updates
  • Decreased spending on IT and cybersecurity during tough economic times

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Heimdal Patch & Asset Management Plan

Heimdal Patch & Asset Management offers a tiered pricing model based on the number of endpoints, with additional features in higher versions.
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