Heimdal Threat Prevention

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Heimdal Threat Prevention is a DNS security solution that filters traffic at the DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS levels on both endpoints and networks. It uses machine learning to detect both known and unknown malware strains and can enrich existing antivirus software. It also features proprietary DarkLayer GUARD and VectorN Detection technologies.
  • Real-time protection

    Heimdal Threat Prevention provides real-time protection against advanced malware and ransomware.

  • Easy to use

    The software is easy to install and use, with a user-friendly interface.

  • Multi-layered security

    Heimdal Threat Prevention uses a multi-layered approach to security, including DNS filtering, traffic scanning, and more.

  • Limited features

    Some users may find that Heimdal Threat Prevention lacks certain features compared to other security software.

  • No mobile support

    Heimdal Threat Prevention does not currently offer support for mobile devices.

  • Limited customer support

    Some users have reported issues with customer support, including slow response times and unhelpful representatives.

  • The cybersecurity market is growing rapidly, providing opportunities for Heimdal Threat Prevention to expand its customer base.
  • Heimdal Threat Prevention could benefit from forming partnerships with other companies in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Adding support for mobile devices could help Heimdal Threat Prevention reach a wider audience.
  • Heimdal Threat Prevention faces competition from other established security software providers.
  • The constantly evolving nature of cybersecurity threats could make it difficult for Heimdal Threat Prevention to keep up with new threats.
  • An economic downturn could lead to decreased demand for cybersecurity software, impacting Heimdal Threat Prevention's revenue.

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Heimdal Threat Prevention Plan

Heimdal Threat Prevention offers three versions with varying features and pricing, starting at $44.95 per year.
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