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Over one hundred Fortune 500 companies use the Hexawise test design tool to generate efficient and effective software testing scenarios that allow them to achieve higher coverage in fewer tests. Our low-code test design solution easily integrates into existing workflows, transitions smoothly into a wide variety of test automation tools, and has a proven track record in all kinds of development and testing environments. Our software is used for functional testing (both black box and "grey box"​ testing) on applications with any kind of underlying code language, and is also useful for UAT testing, Assembly Testing, Systems Integration Testing, Product Testing, Configuration Testing, and more. The benefits delivered by the Hexawise tool are dramatic and objectively measurable. Common results include: - Time and cost savings from faster test case design (It typically takes about half as long to identify and document test cases using Hexawise vs. manual test case selection methods), - Time and cost savings from faster test execution (It usually takes less than half as long to execute Hexawise test cases to achieve the same quality/thoroughness because fewer tests will be required to execute), and - Decreased costs of defect resolution from the ability of Hexawise-generated test plans to find a greater percentage of bugs earlier in the development life cycle. Our most common users are those within IT organizations who are responsible for test design and senior-level project management (e.g., generally the people who document test plans and test scripts; generally they also manage testers and work with the requirements documents written by Business Analysts). Additional users include Developers, Senior-Level IT stakeholders, Project Managers, Testers, and Business Analysts.
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