Home Vacancy Indicator

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The software helps identify potential home vacancy and improve loss ratios.
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New York
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  • Convenient

    Easy to install and use

  • Cost-effective

    Affordable compared to other home security systems

  • Energy-efficient

    Uses minimal power to operate

  • Limited functionality

    Only detects vacancy, not other security threats

  • Dependent on Wi-Fi

    Requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to function properly

  • Limited range

    May not detect vacancy in all areas of the home

  • Add features to detect other security threats
  • Collaborate with established home security companies to expand market reach
  • Create a mobile app for remote monitoring and control
  • Other home security systems may offer more comprehensive features
  • Potential for hacking or other security breaches
  • Decreased consumer spending on non-essential items

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Home Vacancy Indicator Plan

Home Vacancy Indicator offers a monthly subscription for $9.99 with a free trial period and a premium version for $19.99.
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