Hotel Rate Shopper

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Hotel Rate Shopper is a cloud-based software that automates the rate comparison process, ranking and review analysis, parity control, and local demand data fetching for hoteliers. It provides market insights across the multi-channel environment they are interacting with.
Hotel Price Reporter
  • Accurate

    Provides accurate and up-to-date hotel rates

  • Customizable

    Allows for customization of search criteria

  • User-friendly

    Easy to use interface

  • Limited coverage

    May not cover all hotels in a given area

  • Expensive

    May be costly for small businesses

  • Dependent on internet

    Requires internet connection to function

  • Opportunity to expand coverage to more hotels and regions
  • Potential to integrate with other hotel management software
  • Opportunity to enter new markets such as vacation rentals
  • Competition from other hotel rate shopping software
  • Decrease in travel due to economic downturns
  • Potential for increased regulation of hotel rate shopping software

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Hotel Rate Shopper Plan

Hotel Rate Shopper offers a subscription-based service that provides real-time pricing and version features for hotels to optimize revenue.
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