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The software allows users to find new opportunities and analyze markets in the hotel construction industry, as well as create custom applications.
  • Comprehensive data

    Provides detailed information on hotel market trends and performance

  • Real-time updates

    Data is updated regularly to ensure accuracy and relevance

  • Customizable reports

    Users can create reports tailored to their specific needs

  • Limited coverage

    Data is only available for select regions and markets

  • Expensive

    Pricing may be prohibitive for smaller businesses or individuals

  • Requires expertise

    Users may need specialized knowledge to fully utilize the data and reports

  • Could expand coverage to new regions or markets
  • Could form partnerships with other companies to enhance data offerings
  • Could add new features or data sets to attract new customers
  • Other companies may offer similar or better data and reports
  • A recession or other economic downturn could reduce demand for hotel market data
  • Increased scrutiny of data privacy could impact the collection and use of hotel market data

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HotelMarketData Plan

HotelMarketData offers tiered pricing plans based on the number of hotels and features, starting at $99/month for basic version.
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