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Hubbl Diagnostics is on a mission to uplift and empower the entire Salesforce ecosystem through powerful org intelligence. Our solution provides Salesforce admins, architects, and consultants with the broadest and most actionable insights into any Salesforce org. Tackle technical debt, redundant automation, and ever-expanding org complexity to get the best return on your Salesforce investment, faster. Hubbl Diagnostics' proprietary metadata aggregation also provides the Salesforce ecosystem with benchmark data to easily measure and compare org complexity against others in your industry. Established in 2022, Hubbl Diagnostics is built by Uncommon Purpose (formerly Traction on Demand), a Salesforce product development and incubator firm based out of Vancouver, Canada.
Hubbl Diagnostics

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Hubbl Diagnostics Plan

ESSENTIALS $ Free 1 Salesforce org
Understand your Salesforce org complexity and automation in a snapshot. One basic scan per month per org One user Summary dashboard Five basic dashboards Two advanced dashboards
PREMIUM $ 3 1 Salesforce org
Go deeper with unlimited access to advanced reports, dashboards, and insights. Essentials plus unlimited advanced scans for licensed orgs Unlimited user licenses All advanced dashboards Org complexity benchmarking Enhanced analysis and filtering Scan results and dashboard export
Customized packages for organizations and Salesforce consultants working with multiple Salesforce orgs. Premium plus unlimited Salesforce orgs
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