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Igiko Management Tools is web-based software for remote access, management, and monitoring of physical and virtual machines within a permission-based security model. Igiko has a built-in remote desktop gateway that allows you to establish connections with your computers or VMs. Thanks to HTML5 RDP control implemented in the web console, users can work with remote desktops from anywhere using a web browser. Unlike most RMM tools, the Igiko application is an agentless service. You can only install it to one machine to provide monitoring, management, and remote access capabilities to all local computers and VMs. Embedded web server and tunnel providing clients with dedicated DNS address on Igiko server make configuring and accessing the application worldwide seamless and easy to operate. For: Igiko is ideal for small and medium enterprises, hosting providers, software development and engineering companies, e-learning companies, virtual labs, and home users. Key Features: Modern Web Console A web browser is the only thing needed to work with the console. Igiko can be used for your company's local network and through the Internet from anywhere. For Physical and Virtual Machines All features are available for physical Windows machines and Hyper-V virtual machines. Hosts and VMs have their sections in the app. Dashboards contain the most valuable information about the performance and health of all objects. Web Remote Desktop Igiko has a built-in remote desktop gateway that allows you to establish connections with any computer or VM in your local network. Remote File Transfer This feature allows you to work with files on remote computers using Igiko file manager. Users can transfer files, copy and rename files and folders, and more. Web Tunnel Stay connected with secured access to a remote computer with no static IP or DNS required. Web tunnel provides a seamless connection through network routers with no need to configure them. Basic Management All frequently demanded operations over hosts and virtual machines are available. You can start, shut down, restart, pause, resume computers and VMs, perform these operations immediately or schedule them for a later time. You can also install or uninstall software remotely. Monitoring Igiko continuously monitors the performance of all available objects. You can view each counter on dedicated graphs. Based on this data, Igiko can trigger alarms if performance values get out of the range. Authentication Mode Igiko allows you to use either custom authentication or Windows authentication mode. Windows authentication mode is intended for the companies having Windows domain infrastructure. Custom authentication mode does not require a Windows domain: the information about users is stored in the Igiko database Configurable User Permissions Administrators can configure the access rights of users or user groups to specific objects. They can configure per-operation user permissions for all objects. It means that users will be able to see only those objects and perform only the operations explicitly allowed by the administrator. Custom Groups Administrators can create a custom user group and configure object permissions for it. Once a new user is added to this group, all group permissions automatically apply to the user. It can be helpful when managing permissions across company departments or employee roles.

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