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iManage Closing Folders is a SaaS solution that automates the closing process of deals, from creating checklists to capturing signatures and creating final closing books. It simplifies the process and improves accuracy, freeing up lawyers to create more value for clients. The key benefits include making deals more profitable, achieving higher return from skilled staff, improving revenue flow, enhancing the client experience, protecting against fraud, strengthening the brand, being more competitive, and collaborating seamlessly.
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Chicago, Illinois
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Efficient

    Streamlines the closing process

  • Secure

    Provides secure document storage and sharing

  • Customizable

    Allows for customization of workflows and templates

  • Costly

    May be expensive for small firms

  • Complex

    May have a steep learning curve for some users

  • Limited Integration

    May not integrate with all existing software

  • Can improve efficiency and productivity for firms
  • May benefit from the growing demand for legal tech solutions
  • May expand into new markets or offer additional features
  • May face competition from other legal tech solutions
  • May face security risks or data breaches
  • May be impacted by changes in legal or regulatory requirements

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iManage Closing Folders Plan

iManage Closing Folders offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions, starting at $50/user/month, with additional features and support at higher tiers.
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