Imprivata Cortext

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Imprivata Cortext is a healthcare communications platform that replaces pagers and improves care coordination, allowing clinicians to securely collaborate across care teams and organizations.
Imprivata, Inc.
HQ Location
Lexington, MA
Number of Employees
  • Secure messaging

    Allows for secure communication between healthcare providers

  • HIPAA compliant

    Meets regulatory requirements for patient data privacy

  • Integration with EHRs

    Seamlessly integrates with electronic health record systems

  • Limited features

    May not have all the features of other messaging platforms

  • Cost

    May be more expensive than other messaging platforms

  • Limited user base

    May not be widely adopted by healthcare providers

  • Increasing need for secure communication in healthcare industry
  • Opportunity to expand beyond healthcare industry
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with electronic health record vendors
  • Competition from other secure messaging platforms
  • Changes in regulatory requirements for patient data privacy
  • Potential for security breaches and loss of patient data

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Review Distribution

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    Users find Imprivata Cortext reasonably easy to use for secure communication and HIPAA compliant. However, the interface is clunky and it should be easier to text people who don't use the program or invite them to download. Also, users cannot send pictures via a secure link to people who don't already use the program.

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Imprivata Cortext Plan

Imprivata Cortext offers a per-user, per-month subscription model with different versions and features at varying prices.
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