Imprivata Identity Governance

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Imprivata Identity Governance is a healthcare solution that offers secure role-based access to systems and applications for identity governance and compliance management.
Imprivata, Inc.
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Lexington, MA
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  • Efficient Access Management

    Imprivata Identity Governance provides efficient access management to ensure secure and compliant access to sensitive data.

  • Automated Provisioning

    The software offers automated provisioning to streamline the process of granting and revoking access to users.

  • Compliance Reporting

    Imprivata Identity Governance provides compliance reporting to help organizations meet regulatory requirements and avoid penalties.

  • Complex Implementation

    The implementation process of Imprivata Identity Governance can be complex and time-consuming.

  • Limited Integration

    The software has limited integration capabilities with other systems and applications.

  • High Cost

    Imprivata Identity Governance can be expensive, making it less accessible for small businesses or organizations with limited budgets.

  • The growing demand for access management solutions presents an opportunity for Imprivata Identity Governance to expand its customer base.
  • Imprivata Identity Governance can explore partnerships and collaborations with other software vendors to enhance its capabilities and reach.
  • The development of a cloud-based offering can help Imprivata Identity Governance reach a wider audience and reduce implementation costs.
  • The access management market is highly competitive, and Imprivata Identity Governance faces competition from established players and new entrants.
  • The risk of data breaches and cyber attacks can undermine the reputation and credibility of Imprivata Identity Governance.
  • Changes in regulatory requirements can impact the demand for access management solutions and affect the growth prospects of Imprivata Identity Governance.

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Imprivata Identity Governance Plan

Imprivata Identity Governance offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions, starting at $10 per user per year.
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