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InfoFlo is a CRM solution that can be accessed online or installed on-premise. It provides contact management, computer telephony integration, marketing and sales automation, and customer support. Users have access to features like email marketing, appointments and meetings, project management, Skype and Outlook integration, and task management. It can be customized for small to midsize B2B companies in various industries. It also offers project management and email marketing capabilities.
  • User-friendly interface

    Easy to navigate and use

  • All-in-one solution

    Includes CRM, project management, and email marketing

  • Affordable pricing

    Competitive pricing for small businesses

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with many third-party apps

  • No mobile app

    No mobile app available for on-the-go access

  • Limited customization

    Limited ability to customize fields and workflows

  • Opportunity to add more integrations with popular apps
  • Opportunity to develop a mobile app for increased accessibility
  • Opportunity to offer more customization options for users
  • Competition from established CRM and project management software
  • Decreased demand due to economic downturn or recession
  • Potential for security breaches and loss of customer data

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Review Distribution

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    High - rated users

    N N.N.

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    Average - rated users

    The software was an inexpensive alternative to ACT for the functions that the customer used.The interface looks cheap and outdated, some parts are not intuitive to use, and there is no support offered. The customer was not able to get it to work for them and was not offered a refund.

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    Low - rated users

    No information provided for low-rated segment.The software is buggy and crashes frequently. The customer support is unresponsive and unhelpful. The interface is outdated and difficult to navigate. The software is not user-friendly and requires a lot of manual input. The customer had a difficult time importing data from their previous CRM system.


InfoFlo 032822fc-7437-4e7a-93fc-e0449e591613.png InfoFlo 86df0969-96f4-458b-9bc4-23da8e48a71b.png InfoFlo 5416dc8a-3e6b-4a59-8072-2dc812d1b7cb.png InfoFlo d93fc5ea-919a-40b9-8b30-129d2b16ad22.png

InfoFlo Plan

InfoFlo offers a one-time payment of $99 for the basic version and $499 for the premium version, with no recurring fees.
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