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Having 20+ years of programming background, Inventale specializes in the development of high-quality software engineering projects. Our expertise lies in forecasting and recommendation systems built on unstructured data, Big-Data processing and analytics, video recognition, geo-locations, and audience analysis in different spheres, including online advertising, logistics, finance, medicine, biology, HR, law, and many others. Also, we have not only developed a first-class platform for publishers and media companies, but we have successfully promoted it to the global market. In 2021, the product was acquired by BURT Intelligence to complement their platform. This combination of the software product and project development is the key competitive advantage that distinguishes us from other software development companies on the market. Inventale has: - an extensive experience in working with major global companies, market leaders and small businesses, and ambitious startups from the USA, the UK, Europe, and MENA Region; - 20+ clients worldwide; - 40+ enthusiastic professionals, ready to bring your ideas to life.
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Samara, Russia
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