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IoT Catalyst is a Low Code/No Code IoT Edge Platform that offers IoT DevOps and IoT Device Management tools to make the IoT simpler, faster, and cheaper than it has ever been. As an IoT Edge Platform, all the business logic is pushed at the edge and it is managed by a single control plane that works in any web browser: the IoT Catalyst Studio. IoT Catalyst makes it possible to design IoT Edge Applications, securely store them in a central repository, and then select and dispatch on-demand to computation devices installed at the edges of the network. IoT Catalyst adds value to any IoT architecture helping to standardize communication between things and any IoT platform, and thus providing the ability to create a fast-growing ecosystem of supported devices. Future-proof IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) architectures are possible because, with IoT Catalyst, users can easily create, populate, and manage their IoT domain independently of any IoT platform. IoT Catalyst manages IoT while avoiding the risk of over-reliance on IoT technology vendors, as it makes a distinction between the IoT domain and the IoT platform concepts (which should not be considered identical...). In fact, IoT Catalyst has been designed to manage IoT domains in a totally independent way irrespective of the IoT Platform chosen (if any). Thanks to IoT Catalyst, it is possible to decouple the IoT domain from any specific IoT platform technology: provisioning of any device happens in one click to any of the supported IoT platforms (PTC, GCloud IoT, AWS IoT, Thingsboard, eSight, Azure, and many more) without changing the IoT application source code. This means that: 1) No IoT platform-specific competencies are needed to create IoT end to end applications; 2) If initial requirements change, it is even possible to change the IoT platform itself while preserving the other investments (such as system integration and IoT driver creation). Moreover, being an IoT Edge Computing technology completely separated from the higher layers, makes IoT Catalyst not only suitable to simplify IoT integration but capable of providing asset-intensive companies with additional revenues stream. IoT Catalyst enables IoT Hosting: an innovative business model allowing a company to sell IoT-based services to customers sharing part of the IoT investments carried out for internal needs. One of the distinctive values of IoT Catalyst is that it improves management for the integration of additional devices and sensors, allowing them to be reconfigured remotely without any field intervention and making them capable to talk with any external application with no need of changing the original IoT code written.
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