IPS Enterprise Integration Platform

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Build, manage and upscale your business workflows on containers - effortless and seamless! Integration Platform offers container-native enterprise integration, powered by the lean and high-performance Ultra ESB: https://www.g2crowd.com/products/ultraesb-x-enterprise-integrator/ Get started now! On your PC: https://developer.adroitlogic.com/ips/docs/17.07/quickstart/ips-installer.html On your Kubernetes / OpenShift cluster (feature-complete!): https://developer.adroitlogic.com/ips/docs/17.07/quickstart/ips-native.html Build your business workflows graphically - drag, drop and connect - and deploy them into your container orchestration cluster in a few clicks. * Unlimited scalability * Compatible with Kubernetes, OpenShift and AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS) * Auto-healing and recovery * 24x7 monitoring, with built-in reporting and troubleshooting tools * 100% observability on deployed projects, instances and the underlying container platform * API and programmatic management interface * Valuable analytics and much more! Comes with all the goodness of Ultra ESB and related tooling: * Graphical data & integration logic flows, with drag-n-drop design support * FREE drag-n-drop workflow designer UltraStudio https://www.adroitlogic.com/products/ultrastudio * Rich set of ready-made connectors and processors for common integration scenarios * Connect with any new platform or service and produce/consume messages of any format, via Java- or scripting-based custom components Read our comprehensive White Paper: https://www.adroitlogic.com/white-papers/ips-a-multi-node-container-platform-for-deploying-and-managing-AdroitLogic-UltraESB-X/ or the Datasheet: http://downloads.adroitlogic.com/datasheets/AdroitLogic-IPS-datasheet.pdf ... or, write to us for more details! https://www.adroitlogic.com/contact/
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Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

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