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DISTRIBUTION FOCUSED ERP AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT WITH IPTOR.COM Iptor.com offers cloud-based ERP software solutions for the distribution, publishing and pharma industry. We help customers grow to their full potential – and beyond. Enhanced with rich functionality and developed by your industry peers, Iptor’s software comes with flexible deployment options to suit your current and future state. Iptor is your end-to-end cloud ERP and supply chain partner for a world where exceptions are the rule, those make-or-break moments that can unveil a world of opportunities, opening new growth paths. We believe that every supply chain holds a world of these opportunities – and with Iptor.com we are taking our promise of “flexibility to grow” to the next level. FOR A DIGITALLY POWERED DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY: SMART FUNCTIONALITIES AND FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT Pay as you grow: No upfront investments, modularized add-on services Always on and always integrated: Multi-device use, embedded in working environment with MS Teams integration, Single Sign On Structured and automated: User-determined reporting & insights via dynamic widgets, remote sales force management, workflow automation, exception handling with alert automation More security: Disaster recovery, compliance management, access control and data protection Up to date: Continuous drops of value through new features and automatic upgrades, brand-new modular cloud services Iptor CRM and ecommerce
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Stockholm, Sweden

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