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An all-in-one training platform to sell online courses worldwide. Turn your knowledge into revenue right away. No technical skills required to get started. iSpring Market is a cloud-based training platform and digital storefront for hosting and selling courses. The system is straightforward and intuitive, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the platform. To start earning revenue, you just need to upload your learning materials (video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, office documents, or ready-made SCORM courses) to iSpring Market and organize them into a training program or sell each item separately. You can also hold and sell webinars, as iSpring Market is integrated with Zoom. To attract more attention to your content, course pages are visible to search engines (Google and Bing). Its great advantage is the ability to create promotions for your clients to drive even more sales. Gamification elements, like points and badges, help you make the content more interactive. Also, iSpring Market enables you to send your own branded certificates to your learners automatically once they complete a course or a quiz. Another benefit is system customization: you can effortlessly set up the system to use your own domain name as the URL and change the logo and color scheme to match your brand. With ecommerce reports, you can track revenue data and find out which content is the most lucrative. That means you can improve the other materials to make them just as successful. With iSpring Market, you can automate your course selling business. The platform is integrated with Zapier and online payment systems like Stripe, PayPal, and
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