K-12 Online

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K12 is an online learning provider for K12 schools, offered through tuition-free online public and private schools.
  • Accessibility

    Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Customization

    Can be customized to fit the needs of individual schools and districts

  • Engagement

    Provides interactive and engaging learning experiences for students

  • Dependence on technology

    Relies heavily on technology, which can be a barrier for some students and schools

  • Lack of personal interaction

    Does not provide the same level of personal interaction as traditional classroom learning

  • Cost

    Can be expensive for schools and districts to implement and maintain

  • The market for online K-12 education is growing, providing opportunities for growth and expansion
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for online learning options
  • Opportunities to expand into international markets
  • There are many other online K-12 education providers, creating a competitive market
  • Changes in regulations and policies could impact the ability to operate and provide services
  • Rapid technological advancements could make current offerings obsolete or less competitive

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K-12 Online Plan

K-12 Online offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, ranging from $10-$25 per student per year, with increasing features.
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