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Kafoodle is a SaaS system that digitizes commercial kitchens, allowing food businesses to manage all kitchen processes and the traceability of ingredients. It enables consumers to make informed choices and offers personalized suggestions based on dietary goals or preferences. Kafoodle offers Recipe and Menu Management and Storage, Labelling Solutions, Meal Planning, Person-Centric Ordering, and Digital Menus. Its ability to filter by ingredients is industry-leading.
  • Menu Management

    Efficiently manage menus and recipes

  • Allergen Management

    Easily manage allergen information for dishes

  • Cost Control

    Track food costs and optimize menu pricing

  • Limited Integrations

    Integration options are limited compared to competitors

  • Complex Setup

    Setup process can be complicated and time-consuming

  • Limited Reporting

    Reporting options are limited compared to competitors

  • Opportunity to expand to new geographic markets
  • Opportunity to add new features and functionality
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with complementary software providers
  • Intense competition from established players in the market
  • Changes in food safety regulations could impact the business
  • Economic downturn could impact demand for the product

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Kafoodle Plan

Kafoodle offers a tiered pricing model with three versions, starting at £49/month, increasing to £149/month for additional features.
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